Our Fires systems provide operators on the ground unrivalled technology with a reduced weight penalty; providing precise target acquisition and engagement. Whether used to simply harass, suppress, neutralise or destroy the mission target objective our equipment will minimise the chance of fratricide whilst both maximising the munitions effects and reducing the amount of munitions needed.

Rochester Precision Optics

CNOD Day/Night Optic

CMOS Night Observation Device (CNOD) is a high-definition, fully digital Day/Night Optic optimised for use as an observation monocular, stand-alone weapon sight or clip-on in-line weapon sight. Capable of detecting targets and lasers, CNOD operates in the 500nm to 1080nm spectrum - with full SeeSpot capability. Powered by CR123 batteries and weighing only 18.5 ounces, CNOD features a 6x internal digital zoom, the ability to capture and transmit still photos or video in HD and is manufactured to Military 810G environmental specifications.


Type 163 Laser Target Designator

The Type 163 Laser Target Designator is a man portable laser designed to provide laser designation for semi-active laser guided weapons.

The battle proven Type 163 laser target designator has been designed specifically to meet all of today’s special and conventional force JTACs and JFOs mission requirements for marking and terminally controlling Semi Active Air to Ground weapons accurately onto the target at ranges up to 10km.

Airborne and Space Systems Division has developed a new generation of athermal lasers providing low divergence and >70mJ per pulse. Full NATO STANAG 3733 capability in a very compact, light weight and low power configuration. In all, establishing a new landmark in size for lasers of this class.

Based on user needs and feedback, Airborne and Space Systems Division has focused on a laser which is simple and easy to operate, yet rugged and reliable. This is consistent with our proven capability in laser designator manufacturing for the military.


Izlid Ultra

The new standard for JTAC/FAC use, the IZLID Ultra maintains all the power and stability of its predecessor, the IZLID1000P, but at a fraction of the original weight and size. The IZLID Ultra combines the rugged and dependable features of all IZLID products in a smaller form factor and, at 335g, is capable of being either handheld or weapon mounted.The IZLID Ultra is ideal for roping in aircraft and marking targets at night. Its ultra bright beam can be viewed by high-altitude aircraft or in high ambient light conditions with standard NODs.