Kinesis is a highly intuitive, versatile and secure common control system for mobile, field-deployed robotic platforms. Utilizing the latest unmanned systems technologies has never been easier with user interface apps, Kinesis Enterprise and Kinesis Mobile, optimized for desktop and mobile devices and seamlessly connected with remote software nodes via Kinesis Embedded.

  • Intuitive interface redefines ease-of-use with seamless autonomy/teleoperation
  • Enhances security with built-in “whitelisting” of network traffic
  • Unified UAS/UGV control enabling unmatched multi-domain collaboration
  • Runs on widely available end user devices (EUD) – from desktop to mobile
  • Library of supported UxVs – common commercial/military UAVs and UGVs
  • Fully supports ROS, RAS-G IOP, MAVLink and STANAG-4586

Ensuring the integrity of the network, Kinesis provides a built-in “whitelisting” of network traffic to secure all Kinesis-connected UxVs, giving peace of mind when adding commercial systems to your fleet. Advanced capabilities, such as UAS/UGV teaming, are integrated so you can solve problems larger than the sum of the “parts”. Pre-mission planning, drop-in/drop-out teleoperation, and a cloud-based upgrade server gives you the freedom to adapt to the latest UxV technology.

Kinesis can be deployed across every type of UxV on the market with a unique cross-architecture approach and integrated security features that allow you to build your fleet with the capabilities you need. The Kinesis user app, Mobile/Enterprise, has been optimised to provide the most intuitive control system available across a spectrum of air/ground unmanned systems. UxV integration is simplified with an agnostic approach to platforms, communications systems, and a unique cross-architecture implementation that provides total system flexibility.