Kinetic Breaching Tool



The new Kinetic Breaching Tool from Kinetic Breaching Technology is a revolutionary new mechanical breaching tool that bridges the gap between traditional mechanical breaching, shotgun breaching, and explosive entry. The KBT utilizes a proprietary .45 Caliber handgun blank to deliver up to 850 ft/lb of force through a hardened steel ram. Unlike explosive or shotgun breaching, however, all of the force is mechanically driven through a ram. This means that no projectile or explosive energy leaves the device except for the force of the ram which is permanently captured in the device. The ramming surface is narrow enough to focus on a single hinge, yet powerful enough to breach steel security doors. The KBT has an 8-shot cylindrical magazine that allows for multiple shots and also provides for rapid reload in a scenario when more than 8 shots are required (i.e. breaching numerous consecutive doors). At a total length of just 36″ it can also be used in very confined spaces while allowing the team to stack up closer to the breacher because no backswing is required. The tool weighs only 28lb and features a shock reduction handle system that reduces recoil force and makes it simple for the tool to be operated by a single person.