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Vehicles provide the platforms to deploy systems.  They could be for use on the ground, in the air, on the water, or sub-surface. They need to interoperate with the users. They need to be reliable. They need to balance a conflicting range of characteristics – size, weight, visual profile.  They need to manage power, enable command & control, and withstand the demands of the battlespace.LPA supplies and supports a range of vehicles, from ground-based robots, to unmanned air vehicles, to diver delivery devices. We tend to focus on the requirements of ‘specialist’ clients; we leave the ‘run of the mill’ to others.  Our solutions are tactically sound, novel yet reliable, easy to use.  We develop them with an eye on minimising the impact on our environment. We support them once in use. And we continue to innovate…..pushing boundaries…..looking for what can be done better…..

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