CCTV Policy_

CCTV Policy

We use your personal information in order to administer and manage the relationship between the Company and the entity you represent or are employed by, which is a supplier or subcontractor of Level Peaks Associates.

What processing activities do you undertake that include my personal information?

We operate Closed Circuit television (CCTV) systems on our sites and around the perimeter of the same.  This includes CCTV recording of external site areas covering walkways, roads and other public areas.

What categories of personal information are included in these processing activities?

To run the processes set out above, we process images of you. This may also capture vehicle registration information.

What is the purpose of these activities?

We carry out these activities to protect our business. In particular, we do so in order to ensure compliance with applicable laws and Company policies and procedures, to monitor use of the Company’s IT system and to manage the activities and behaviour of our employees.

What are the legal grounds you rely on to carry these out? 

This processing is necessary for the purpose of the legitimate interests pursued by the Company.

To the extent that you did not get this personal information from me, how did you collect this information?

The information processed by the CCTV systems is generated by those systems. In addition, we may work with business partners and suppliers to carry out this activity. We may receive information from other sources.

Who do you share this personal information with?

Your personal information is shared internally, as set out in this Notice (see “When do you share my personal information with others?” in the Overview section).


In addition, some of your personal information will be shared externally with any suppliers or partners as needed and as otherwise set out in this Notice (see “When do you share my personal information with others?” in the Overview section).


We may also need to share this information with the Police and other third party organisations, where appropriate.