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The Maritime Environment is without doubt one of the most challenging in which to operate, fight and survive – any soldier will tell you!  LPAs systems make the Maritime Operator more effective, more comfortable and more agile.

Our Swimmer Delivery systems are world class and will ‘move’ a diver to target, using state of the art technology.

Our Underwater Fixing Tools allow divers to Repair or Disable structures.

Our wet suits keep maritime operators warm and comfortable for protracted periods in the water.

Our maritime clothing systems keep people alive, warm, protected from the elements.

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THE BENCHMARK for tropical climates, the Jungle PX 10.5″ features breathable Cordura® and in-step drainage vents help the foot stay dry. The black model features a steel plate that protects the foot from hazards, while the tan and coyote models provide a thermal barrier for added comfort on hot surfaces.

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Cerakote Flat Dark Earth

tactix® Charlie

Premium GPS Watch with tactical functionality
1.2″ high-resolution, sunlight-readable display with domed sapphire lens; switch between daytime use and night vision goggle compatibility
Includes preloaded TopoActive Europe mapping plus routable map navigation
Rugged design includes a black Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coated titanium bezel, black titanium rear cover and stainless steel buttons — plus built-in Elevate™ wrist-based heart rate1 monitoring
Tactical-specific features include Jumpmaster app, waypoint projection, dual-position GPS formatting and preloaded tactical activity
Built-in navigation sensors include GPS and GLONASS plus a three-axis compass, barometer, altimeter and gyroscope
Up to 12 days’ battery life2 in smartwatch mode, up to 20 hours in GPS mode and up to 35 hours in UltraTrac™ battery saver mode
Combining specialised tactical functions with smart features for fitness training and outdoor navigation, our tactix Charlie multisport GPS watch is the one you’ll want for demanding environments — anywhere from field ops to corporate office. The ultra-rugged, all-black watch features routable colour TopoActive Europe maps, wrist-based heart rate, fitness training metrics, night vision goggle compatibility and more. Its DLC coated titanium bezel maximises resistance to abrasion and corrosion.

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LASA Hard Body Armour

NP Aerospace’s suite of hard body armour delivers ultra-lightweight protection against a range of ammunition. The portfolio is split between a variety of standalone and in-conjunction with plates for discreet covert operations, NIJ Level III and special threats, as well as body armour to stop specifically identified armour piercing rounds.

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LASA Covert Body Armour

The LASA Covert series ballistic insert provides ultra-discreet high-impact protection against special threats for use in situations where the user needs to blend in. Designed to be ultra-lightweight and inconspicuous, the LASA Covert series is thin and shaped to conform to the user’s body to reduce the appearance of a plate under normal clothing.

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Oakley SI Ballistic M Frame 3.0 Multicam

The Oakley SI Ballistic M Frame 3.0 surpasses ANSI Z87.1 Industrial Standards for high-mass and high-velocity impact protection. The M Frame 3.0 additionally meets MIL SPEC MIL-PRF 31013. All lenses are made of pure Plutonite®, a proprietary material that offers the highest level of optical clarity available in eyewear. It also features a clip that holds the lens and frame together providing more secure support.

  • Lenses feature Oakley’s HDO Optics with Polaric Ellipsoid Technology
  • Lenses feature a permanent anti-fog coating on the back surface
  • UV protection of Plutonite® lens material that filters out all of UVA / UVB & harmful blue light up to 400 nm wavelength
  • Meets or exceeds high mass and high velocity impact requirements per ANSI Z87.1-2003/2010
  • Meets or exceeds ballistic fragmentation impact standards per MIL PRF-31013, Clause
  • Secure fit even under wet conditions via Hydrophilic Unobtainium® nose pad
  • Clear lens features 89% visible light transmittance, suitable for use in low light to no light conditions
  • Persimmon lens features 69% visible light transmittance, suitable for use in low light to no light conditions
  • Grey lens features 15% visible light transmittance suitable for bright light, meets MCEPS neutrality and chromaticity requirement


  • Thin stem technology enable compatibility with over-ear hearing protection and communication systems
  • System features quick, tool-free lens change
  • Ultra lightweight design (1.05-ounce total weight)
  • Full compatibility with helmet-mounted night vision devices
  • Full compatibility with MICH, ACH, CVD, PASGT, and Crye™ Helmets
  • Impact and chemical resistant O-Matter® frame

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Ops-Core RAC

  • Incorporates a streamlined design for optimal comfort, and true 3D hearing technology for hearing protection and improved situational awareness.
  • Available with optional NFMI earplugs which offer wire-free double hearing protection capability – specify when ordering.
  • Attaches to the rear portion of Ops-Core ARC Rails leaving the top portion of the ARC Rails free for mounting lights, cameras, and other helmet components for optimal system level performance.
  • Rotates back to the rear of the helmet when not in use, creating a very low profile—ear cups not visible from front view when stowed.
  • Streamlined design also provides freedom of movement and unobstructed head range of motion. Restores “natural hearing” with the outside environment for improved situational awareness while also providing robust hearing protection.
  • Single-point gimbal attachment allows for 360° of adjustment instead of conventional adjustment systems–auto positioning to each individual’s ear/head shape.
  • High performance ear cushions ergonomically fit the head geometry, providing a better seal and increased noise attenuation.
  • Noise-cancelling immersion rated microphone mounts to left or right ear cup.
  • Compatible with the Ops-Core FAST and Sentry Helmet Systems.
  • 100 hours of 3DHT use.
  • Auto Shut Down after two hours to preserve batteries, with audible alert.
  • Fail-Safe Communications—headset will continue to operate for communications without battery power.
  • Lightweight (1.1 lbs. (500 g) base version); 1.2 lbs. (545 g) with earplug option)
  • Immersion rated: IP-67 and IP-68 10 ft. for 30 seconds
  • Environmentally tested to MIL-STD-461E
  • Assortment of cabling and Push-to-Talk (PTT) systems available – call for assistance.

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On Running Cloudrock Waterproof

On Running Cloudrock Waterproof

On Running Cloudrock Waterproof: lightweight speed-hiking boot with Missiongrip™

Stay Out with On Running.
Terrain proof. Element proof. Excuse proof. The first On Running speed-hiking boot is built for traction, pace and protection in all conditions. And it’s up to 35% lighter than competitors. Born in the Swiss Alps, it’s engineered for performance stride after mountain-top stride.

Lightweight, heavy protection
The durable membrane is wind- and waterproof. Two types of mesh in the mid- and forefoot enhance stability and breathability. The high collar is made for movement and, like the tongue, is reinforced with padding. The rubberized mudguard is tough but light and flexible – the ideal blend of speed and shield.

Element and excuse proof
Missiongrip™ rubber adds traction while lugs bite into soft trails. The Swiss-engineered FlexLock system means laces can be tied traditionally or with a single pull. A 360° mudguard protects and the Speedboard™ provides propulsion and stability. Tongue straps secure laces and Zero-Gravity CloudTec® ensures cushioned landings.

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Izlid Ultra

The new standard for JTAC/FAC use, the IZLID Ultra maintains all the power and stability of its predecessor, the IZLID1000P, but at a fraction of the original weight and size. The IZLID Ultra combines the rugged and dependable features of all IZLID products in a smaller form factor and, at 335g, is capable of being either handheld or weapon mounted.
The IZLID Ultra is ideal for roping in aircraft and marking targets at night. Its ultra bright beam can be viewed by high-altitude aircraft or in high ambient light conditions with standard NODs.

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Type 163 Laser Target Designator

The Type 163 Laser Target Designator is a man portable laser designed to provide laser designation for semi-active laser guided weapons.

The battle proven Type 163 laser target designator has been designed specifically to meet all of today’s special and conventional force JTACs and JFOs mission requirements for marking and terminally controlling Semi Active Air to Ground weapons accurately onto the target at ranges up to 10km.

Airborne and Space Systems Division has developed a new generation of athermal lasers providing low divergence and >70mJ per pulse. Full NATO STANAG 3733 capability in a very compact, light weight and low power configuration. In all, establishing a new landmark in size for lasers of this class.

Based on user needs and feedback, Airborne and Space Systems Division has focused on a laser which is simple and easy to operate, yet rugged and reliable. This is consistent with our proven capability in laser designator manufacturing for the military.

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MAGPUL MS4® Dual QD Sling GEN2

Filling the same mission requirement as the standard MS3 Sling, the MS4 can quickly switch between one-point and two-point configuration. The MS4 maintains material construction and specifications identical to that of the standard MS3, but instead of Magpul Paraclips™ it features two heavy-duty push-button QD Sling Swivels along with a custom steel connection ring to allow one to two-point convertibility. This modification allows compatibility with QD sling cups commonly found on lower receivers, receiver end plates, buttstocks, and many low-profile forward QD Sling Mounts.


The MS4 Dual QD GEN2 incorporates a new low profile quick-adjust Slider which minimizes bulk and allows for secure, yet effortless, sling adjustment. Webbing length has also been increased for a comfortable fit with all body types and armor configurations.

Made in U.S.A. and 100% Berry Amendment compliant.


  • Heavy-duty push-button Quick Disconnect Sling Swivels for both one and two-point attachment
  • Compatible with buttstocks, end plates, receivers, and hand guards that have a push-button QD socket
  • Durable, precision-cast steel QD D-Ring allows for quick transition from one to two-point mode and is finished with Melonite for extreme resistance to wear and corrosion
  • Custom 1.25 inch wide nylon webbing material is strong and wear resistant while remaining anti-chaff for user comfort
  • Low-profile adjustment Slider for adding or removing sling tension in two-point mode with a single-hand
  • Colored webbing has Near Infrared (NIR) treatment to reduce IR signature

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The 7.62×51 NATO (.308 Winchester) PMAG 25 LR/SR GEN M3 Window is a lightweight, cost effective, high reliability magazine for SR25/M110 pattern rifles featuring true 25-round capacity, constant-curve body, anti-tilt follower, and snap on Impact/Dust Cover.

Designed specifically for SAAMI-spec ammunition, the PMAG 25 LR/SR also features transparent MagLevel™ windows to allow rapid visual identification of approximate number of rounds remaining.

Made in U.S.A.


  • Optimized for use with SAAMI-spec 7.62×51/.308 Winchester ammunition
  • Commercial rifle compatibility includes the Armalite AR-10A, Colt LE901-16S, CORE Rifle Systems CORE30, JP Enterprises LRP-07, KAC SR25, LaRue OBR, Les Baer .308, LMT .308 MWS, LWRCI REPR, Mega Arms MATEN, Noveske Gen III N6, POF P-308, Ruger SR-762, Ruger Precision Rifle, S&W M&P10, SIG716, and others*
  • Next-generation impact and crush resistant polymer construction
  • Constant-curve internal geometry for smooth feeding
  • Anti-tilt, self-lubricating follower for increased reliability
  • High-quality stainless steel spring, black-oxide coated (MIL-DTL-13924D)
  • Anti-glare translucent MagLevel windows on both sides of the body along with a painted indicator on the spring allows for easy determination of rounds remaining from 1 to 25
  • Ribbed gripping surface and new aggressive front and rear texture for positive magazine handling
  • Paint pen dot matrix panels on the bottom of the body to allow for identification marking
  • Flared floorplate aids magazine handling and disassembly yet is slim enough for use with many pouches
  • Multi-use Impact/Dust Cover minimizes debris intrusion and protects cartridges from potential damage during storage and transit

*NOTE: Compatible with older model Bushmaster .308 ORC, Remington R-25, and DPMS LR308 rifles, but not optimized for bolt lock functionality with newer models based on the DPMS GII design. NOT compatible with Armalite AR-10B, Springfield Armory M1A, Rock River Arms LAR8, FN SCAR 17S, PTR-91, HK417 or any other rifles that utilize M14, FN FAL, or HK 91/G3 patterned magazines.

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MAGPUL PRS® GEN3 Precision-Adjustable

The PRS GEN3 is a field precision stock for AR15/M16 and AR10/SR25 platforms, featuring tool-less length of pull and cheek piece height adjustment.

With solid adjustments for length of pull and cheek piece height via aluminum detent knobs, the PRS GEN3 (Precision Rifle/Sniper) stock provides a stable interface and is intended for semi-automatic sniper or varmint type rifles. Offering a nearly universal fit, it is optimized for rifle-length receiver extensions but will also mount to many mil-spec carbine and A5-length tubes*. Includes a cant/height-adjustable rubber butt-pad and rotation-limiting QD sling swivel cups as well as M-LOK® slots on the bottom for rear monopod mounting.

Made in U.S.A.


  • Mounts to rifle-length receiver extension tube without A2 spacer but will also accommodate mil-spec sized M4 Carbine and many A5-length tubes with standard Castle Nuts and End Plates (not included)*
  • Enhanced strength butt-plate withstands severe impact and recoil up to .50 BMG
  • Rubber butt-pad provides positive shoulder purchase to prevent slippage and is adjustable for both cant and height
  • Machined aluminum LOP and Cheek Piece adjustment knobs with positive locking click detents
  • Steel adjustment shafts finished with Melonite® for wear and corrosion resistance
  • All aluminum components finished with MIL-A-8625F, Type III, Class 2 hard anodizing
  • Bottom M-LOK slots provide additional sling mounting possibilities or for attaching 1913 Picatinny rails for use with a monopod
  • Sling Mounts
  • Front/Rear – rotation-limited QD sling swivel mounts (swivels not included)
  • Rear – 1.25″ aluminum sling loop (left-right reversible)

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MAGPUL Magpul® Bipod for M-LOK

The Magpul Bipod for M-LOK offers serious strength and versatility at a price that provides unmatched value. Rich with important features, our lightweight Mil-spec hard anodized 6061 T-6 aluminum and injection-molded polymer bipod brings innovation in ergonomics, functionality, strength and value together. An aesthetically pleasing, low-profile design conceals its mechanisms and hardware, smoothly brushing off snags and bumps. Optimized for rapid one-handed adjustments, the bipod quickly and quietly transitions between countless user configurations. The Magpul Bipod includes many features normally found on bipods at a significantly higher cost.


Durable & Lightweight

The Magpul Bipod is exceptionally strong and built to perform under punishing field conditions.  Like all Magpul products, the Bipod is constructed of rugged, high-strength materials and designed to last a lifetime. In the shooting position, it is easily loaded with stabilizing forward tension without fear of failure or warping. Mil-spec hard anodized 6061 T-6 aluminum, stainless steel internals, and injection-molded reinforced polymer ensure years of dependable performance and reliability, all while shaving weight. At just over 11 oz., the Magpul Bipod is lighter than many pricier bipods currently on the market.


Innovative, Adjustable, & Easy to Use

Deploying and adjusting the Magpul Bipod is quick and easy. Spring-tensioned legs stow neatly forward and snap down and lock into place with one hand. Leg extensions slide and lock securely with the push of a button on any of the seven half-inch spaced locking detents. The legs extend a full four inches, from 6.3” to 10.3”. An industry-exclusive 50° of total tilt and 40° of total pan are controlled by a glove-friendly knurled tool-less bipod locking knob located between the extended legs, allowing easy adjustment between shots. Additionally, the Magpul Bipod has the exclusive ability to lock pan at 0° while maintaining full tilt functionality.


Smooth & Unobtrusive

From the drawing board, the Magpul Bipod was designed to be barely noticed until needed. Folded, the streamlined housing and legs fit neatly under the barrel and are just under 2.3” deep and 3.3” wide. In addition, anodized surfaces and tight, precision tolerances mitigate squeaks and rattles.


Functional Feet

The Magpul Bipod has many features that are also useful even when it is in the stowed position. A soft rubber bipod locking knob cap is attached to the locking knob gives users a steady, non-marring forward rest while the bipod is folded. Additionally, its staggered soft rubber feet hold fast on a variety of shooting surfaces and are easily removed with a roll pin punch. Should users choose to change feet, the Magpul Bipod’s legs accept most Atlas pattern bipod replaceable feet, except for the Atlas 5-H style.

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POF-USA Revolution .308

THE REVOLUTION™  IS THE NEW .308 RIFLE THAT HANDLES LIKE A 5.56 – BECAUSE IT’S THE SAME SIZE AND WEIGHT AS ONE. This isn’t a stripped down rifle that’s saving weight by making extra cuts or lacking the battle rifle features you’re accustomed toPatriot have worked magic into the Revolution by using a 5.56 bolt carrier and other 5.56 parts allowing for a shorter overall receiver size and reduced weight.

This also isn’t a normal small frame .308, it’s smaller! The Revolution features many 5.56 parts; such as charging handle, bolt carrier, cam pin, buffer, heat sink barrel nut, handguard, and 5-position gas piston operating system. The barrel extension, bolt assembly, upper, and lower receiver are the exact same size as those on an AR15.

Weighing in at 7.3 lbsthe Revolution features the new Edge Handguard with four built-in QD mounts, and is packed with all you’ve come to expect from POF-USAFully ambidextrous billet receiver set, high phosphate nickel coated bolt carrier group, 5-position adjustable gas piston, single stage match grade trigger, and moreWith the redesigned triple port muzzle brake recoil management is not an issue. YOU MAY HAVE JUST FOUND YOUR “ONE GUN.”

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CNOD Day/Night Optic

CMOS Night Observation Device (CNOD) is a high-definition, fully digital Day/Night Optic optimised for use as an observation monocular, stand-alone weapon sight or clip-on in-line weapon sight. Capable of detecting targets and lasers, CNOD operates in the 500nm to 1080nm spectrum – with full SeeSpot capability. Powered by CR123 batteries and weighing only 18.5 ounces, CNOD features a 6x internal digital zoom, the ability to capture and transmit still photos or video in HD and is manufactured to Military 810G environmental specifications.

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The SUEX XK underwater scooter represents the cutting-edge of underwater mobility technology. The XK model provides superior runtime, designed for long range applications such as cave exploration. In optimal conditions the XK can cover almost 15km when piloted at low speeds with a burn time of 330 mins (higher speeds will reduce the burntime/range).


  • LENGTH mm 975 (inch 38,4)
  • WIDTH mm 462 (inch 18,2)
  • HEIGHT mm 364 (inch 14,33)
  • BODY DIAMETER mm 197 (inch 7,8)
  • WEIGHT WITHOUT BATTERY kg 17 (lb 37,48)
  • WEIGHT WITH BATTERY kg 25 (lb 55,12)
  • MATERIAL TYPE Aluminum Body
  • MAX STATIC THRUST N 375 (lb 84,3)
  • TOP SPEED mt/min 100 (ft/min 328)
  • TEST DEPTH mt 300 (ft 984)
  • BUOYANCY/ TRIM Neutral Trim and Buoyancy
  • IN-WATER USAGE TEMPERATURE °C -5/+35 (°F +23/+95)
  • CHARGER POWER SUPPLY Volt 90/240 – 50/60 Hz

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Theragun Pro

Powerful, quiet, and commercial-grade. The professional percussive therapy device in a league of its own. Top-of-the-line, commercial-grade deep muscle treatment meets personalised, guided app experiences that help to reduce muscle soreness, improve mobility, and increase relaxation. With a rotating arm, continuous battery life, and an industry-leading 2-year warranty, the Theragun PRO is the advanced, professional-grade recovery tool of choice for professionals and everyday people worldwide.

– Proprietary brushless commercial-grade motor with QuietForce Technology™
– Smart Percussive Therapy™ with Bluetooth connectivity
– 3 Built-in app-guided preset routines
– OLED Screen
– Force meter
– Wireless charging enabled
– Theragun Triangle™ ergonomic handle design
– Industry-leading 2-year warranty

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Wilcox Boss Sight

Wilcox BOSS Sight

Designed specifically for the 300 AAC blackout cartridge, the new BOSS 300 (Black Out Sighting System) features
a miniature reflex sight, red visible laser, infra-red (IR) laser and fixed IR illuminator. The BOSS 300 is truly unique allowing the user to shoot both supersonic and subsonic ammunition with the flip of a switch – without having to rezero the weapon. This is achieved by co-aligning the reflex sight to the lasers and illuminator which all travel on our patented trajectory switch. Powered by one (1) AA battery this lightweight system delivers repeatable accuracy you can’t find with any other sighting system.

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Hybrid PATRIOT 5510

With exclusive 5500 psi bottles and an unprecedented 10 year warranty, the Hybrid PATRIOT 5510 offers responders four breathing modes – SCBA, PAPR, APR, and SAR. The Hybrid PATRIOT 5510 is the next generation in hybrid life support systems offering innovative electronics, equipped for CBRN environments, improved monitoring capability, revolutionary power supply system, and world class breaching/cutting torch options.

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